Mishawaka police officer who shot dog uses dash cam evidence to defend shooting


There are new details about the video of an incident of a Mishawaka police officer that shot and killed a dog that was reportedly menacing a neighborhood.

Further review of the dash cam video shows officer Franklin Ennis had only a few seconds to respond before the dog would have been on him, according to the South Bend Tribune.

In his written statement, he stated the animal was charging, barking, and baring its teeth as it ran straight at him. The dog was shot just as it lunged at Ennis, which is evident in the video footage.

The dog’s owners say they had no idea the police were outside their home when they let the dog out. Officer Ennis knocked on the door three times to announce himself before he heard the back door open, and the dog came racing around the house for him.

Mishawaka Police have had at least three cases this year where dogs have bitten officers.


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