Indiana sixth-worst in the country for mental health treatment


Indiana isn’t doing well when it comes to taking care of mental health, according to a nationwide study.

Indiana comes in 45th overall in Mental Health America’s annual State of Mental Health Report, which ranks all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on several mental health and access measures, according to WOWO.

The report’s authors say the results show a country that is “indeed more insured, but still falling dramatically short in meeting the needs of those with mental health concerns.”

Of the over 990,000 adult Hoosiers reported to have some sort of mental illness, 57% of them haven’t received any treatment for their condition.

Find the full report here.


  1. THis is because while there is insurance, it doesn’t cover mental health or has such a high co-pay/deductible that nobody can afford to go to therapy.


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