Sen. Joe Donnelly comes out in opposition of privatizing Medicare

(Photo Supplied/U.S. Senate)

Indiana US Senator Joe Donnelly is speaking out against talks to privatize Medicare.

With a new Congress set to take over in 2017, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Republicans say privatizing the federal senior health care program is a “top priority.” That doesn’t sit well with Donnelly:

“I have opposed efforts to privatize Medicare in the past, and I will oppose any effort to privatize Medicare, or turn it into a voucher program, in the future.”

Donnelly made that comment in a video message posted on his YouTube page, where he adds that he’s on board for any plan that reduces the cost of health care and cracks down on waste, fraud and abuse, but says he’ll “unequivocally” oppose efforts to either phase it out or privatize it.

“Millions of seniors rely on Medicare for the quality, affordable healthcare it provides. It’s central to the promise that after years of hard work, seniors can have the peace of mind that they’ll be able to access care,” Donnelly adds.

Find his full statement below.


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