Hardee’s to open as part of truck stop project near Elkhart

("I saw the sign" by Josh, CC BY-ND 2.0)

Hardee’s is coming back to the Indiana side of Michiana.

A Hardee’s restaurant is being planned as part of a Love’s Travel Stop project near the U.S. 20 bypass in Elkhart County, according to the Elkhart Truth.

Construction is being prepared for the truck stop along the west side of C.R. 17 between C.R. 18 and the U.S. 20 bypass, which would run to the north of the truck stop. A Love’s spokesman says that the travel plaza will include a Hardee’s on one side, with a convenience store attached to it, with fueling pumps for semi-trucks and passenger vehicles.

There’s no firm timeline for the project, but it’s hoped that construction will begin in the spring or summer of this year, with completion sometime next year. Love’s has asked to be annexed into the city of Elkhart, which the city is considering.


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