Roads closed around former Chase Tower after debris falls from the building

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

Some major streets in downtown South Bend were closed after debris fell from the former Chase Tower.

South Bend Police and South Bend Fire crews were called to the building at 100 N. Main Street for a report of debris falling from the building.

Construction materials on different levels of the structure were blown from the building as a result of the strong winds.

Because of that, roadways adjacent to this area were closed until the winds subside and crews determine the area to be safe.

Officers will be checking conditions periodically to determine when these roadways can be opened.

One construction worker who was hit by debris declined medical treatment.

Roadways closed:

  •         Washington Street from Lafayette Blvd to Main Street
  •         Main Street from Colfax Street to Washington Street
  •         Colfax Street from Lafayette Blvd to Main Street
  •         Lafayette Blvd from Washington to Colfax Street

Drivers are asked to use alternate routes until such time these roadways can be opened.


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