Elkhart girl shot with a stun gun after fight on school bus


ELKHART, Ind. (AP) — Elkhart police say an officer subdued a 15-year-old girl with a stun gun after she struggled while being arrested for fighting with a classmate.

Elkhart Police Department spokesman Sgt. Chris Snyder says two girls, ages 15 and 14, fought Wednesday morning on a school bus.

Off-duty officers who provide school security tried unsuccessfully to calm down the two teens when the bus arrived at Elkhart Central High School.

Snyder tells The Elkhart Truth that an officer used a stun gun on the 15-year-old after she pushed his arm away and tried pulling away while being handcuffed. Police arrested the 14-year-old without incident.

Both girls face juvenile charges of disorderly conduct, while the 15-year-old was also charged with resisting law enforcement charge.


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