Convicted child molester and killer Richard Dobeski released from jail

(Photo supplied/Indiana Department of Corrections)

An alert for parents, from police in Long Beach that a man who prosecutors say killed two young neighbor children back in the 1960’s, then failed to register as a sex offender in Indianapolis has been released from prison.

Richard Dobeski was ordered released from the LaPorte County Jail this week after serving his time. And the warning for parents from police is to keep kids away from him, according to the Long Beach Police Department.

Dobeski was 16 and already had a hisotyry of child molesting when he strangled next door neighbors Shawn and Cary Johnston, who were six and three years old respectively. Dobeski was released in 2003.

While living in Westville fondled a 7-year-old boy in 2007 and was found with images of naked children. He was given an early release in 2013 but while living in Gary cut off the GPS bracelet he was ordered to wear for keeping track of his whereabouts.




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