Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley endorses Pete Buttigieg for DNC Chair


South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has picked up another endorsement in his effort to be named Democratic National Committee Chair later this month.

Former Maryland Governor and 2016 Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley is throwing his support behind Buttigieg, just days before a candidate forum in Baltimore, a city where he was once the mayor.

“I’ve known Pete Buttigieg for many years, he has been a terrific mayor,” O’Malley told Politico. “He’s one of those new, up-and-coming leaders in our country and in our party that’s really bringing forward a new and better way of governing.”

O’Malley also told Politico that Buttigieg speaks with a clarity that the Democratic party “really, really needs right now,” and applauded his record of public and military service.

O’Malley himself had briefly considered a run for DNC Chairman, but bowed out in November.


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