Secretly recorded comments lead to teachers’ reprimand

("Texting" by Melina Sampaio Manfrinatti, CC BY-SA 2.0)

BANGOR, Mich. (AP) — Six southwestern Michigan teachers have been reprimanded and a school secretary has resigned after they were secretly videoed joking about which co-workers they would marry, have sex with or kill.

Robert Huber, an attorney for the Bangor Public Schools, told The Associated Press Tuesday that a staffer whose name came up under the “kill” portion of the game complained to the police.

No criminal charges have been filed.

Huber says three students’ names also came up in chatter heard on the video, but that the teachers didn’t name them in their crude game.

The cellphone video was recorded in January at a tavern in Bangor.

The woman who posted the video on YouTube told WOOD-TV she didn’t record it. Her connection to the district is unclear.


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