Reports of mountain lions…or is it bobcats…in St. Joseph County


There are reports of people who say they’ve spotted mountain lions in St. Joseph County.

The reports are on the west side of the county, but its not likely mountain lions people are seeing, but rather, bobcats, the Department of Natural Resources tells ABC 57.

The DNR has yet to actually confirm any sightings. Not only that, they haven’t heard of any reports first-hand.

They do say there is a healthy population of bobcats in the county.


  1. Hogwash I was three feet from a mountain lion in Edwardsburg I can assure you it wasn’t a bobcat. I know the difference and I was lucky enough to be close enough to to be certain it was a mountain lion. It was huge and as soon as we made eye contact it got spooked and cleared a fence in one leap. Not a bobcat.


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