Convicted murderer Kyle DeHart’s mother avoids jail time

("Scales of Justice" by North Charleston, C.C. BY-SA 2.0)

A Milford teacher, and the mother of Kyle DeHart, has surrendered her state teaching license in exchange for a charge of assisting a criminal being dropped.

Joan DeHart, 51, was charged with assisting a criminal after police allege she agreed to lie about her son, Kyle DeHart, and his friend Brandon Woody’s whereabouts during the time of a February 2015 double shooting, according to the Times-Union in Warsaw.

Kyle DeHart: Photo Supplied / Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department

In exchange for dropping the charges, Joan DeHart agreed to surrender her state teaching license and “not engage in the teaching profession for the rest of her life,” according to court records.

The two men were found guilty of shooting and killing Joshua Knisley, 19, and Tara Thornburg, 23, back in February 2015 in a Syracuse home.


Brandon Woody: Photo Supplied / Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department

Woody was found guilty on two counts of murder. Kyle Dehart was also found guilty on two counts of murder, as well as guilty on a charge of obstruction of justice. They were sentenced to 120 and 110 years in prison, respectively. Both men have appealed their convictions.

After the slayings, they returned to the DeHart residence to burn their clothing and then spent the night at the house. The next morning Joan DeHart allegedly told the boys she would act as their alibi and drove them out of town.


  1. She is a lowlife and probably the reason her son is a lowlife…! The getaway driver in a bank robbery is also charged with bank robbery! She should have gone to prison as well.


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