Psychiatric evaluations ordered for Warsaw man accused of beating toddler to death

Christopher Grimmitt (Photo supplied/Kosciusko County Jail)

A judge ordered two psychiatric evaluations for a man accused of a killing a two-year-old girl.

The evaluations will look at two issues: First, whether Christopher Grimmett had the ability at the time of the alleged events to appreciate the wrongfulness of conduct. Secondly, whether Grimmett is capable of standing trial, according to News Now Warsaw.

No date for the evaluations have been set.

Police say Grimmett admitted to beating his then-girlfriend’s’ daughter, Adalin Stamper to death while he was babysitting the little girl Nov. 11. Grimmett allegedly then buried Stamper’s body in the backyard of his brother’s house in Warsaw.

He was arrested within hours of the girl’s death. Stamper died from blunt force trauma.


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