Cold beer license prompts heated lawmaker response


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A convenience store chain’s licenses to sell cold beer have Indiana lawmakers pledging to amend the state’s liquor law before the end of session.

Convenience stores can sell warm beer or cold wine but the sale of cold beer for carryout long has been reserved for Indiana’s liquor stores. Indiana-based convenience store chain Ricker’s was able to bypass that restriction by obtaining two licenses typically reserved for restaurants.

The loophole has prompted strong reactions from lawmakers, with both House Speaker Brian Bosma and GOP Senate leader David Long calling for an amendment to end the sales.

Long says the decision was a misinterpretation of the law by the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission.

A spokeswoman for the commission declined to comment, citing upcoming legislation.


  1. Why do we let lobbyist and politicians create laws on such ridiculous things? Corruption at its core is what drives the need for a law to stop stores from selling “cold” beer. Absolutely corrupt politicians being paid off by self serving lobbyists and we just watch the insanity.


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