Lawmakers consider banning sales of synthetic urine


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Indiana lawmakers are considering a bill that would make it a crime for businesses to sell products like synthetic urine that can be used to fraudulently pass a drug test.

Republican Rep. Greg Beumer of Modoc says his measure is needed to help employers ferret out workers with drug problems. He says current law forbids using an “adulterant” to pass a drug test, but does not ban the sale of such products.

He thinks knowingly selling those products should be a misdemeanor.

The bill was up for testimony Monday in the Senate’s Corrections and Criminal Law Committee. But members of the committee postponed a vote because they want to make changes.

Committee members objected to provisions that would include the sale of common household products like peroxide and bleach.


  1. Nothing better to do than make laws regarding pee? That figures…We are so screwed in this country by our idiot politicians.


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