Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb stressing importance of preschool program

("Eric Holcomb b&w" by Tony Llama, Public Domain)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb is stressing the importance of doubling the state’s preschool program while also reiterating his opposition to increasing the cigarette tax to pay for road improvements.

Holcomb’s stance on preschool sets up a potential clash with Republican Senate leaders who have proposed spending drastically less on the program for poor children.

He says he’s open to higher fees and gas taxes lawmakers have discussed to fund road improvements. But Holcomb does not support a House Republican proposal to shift revenue from Indiana’s gasoline sales tax to roads and fill the budget hole with a higher cigarette tax.

He also says tolling on interstates will be needed in the future, but suggested having that debate in seven or eight years.


  1. Because it takes a village to raise our kids? Because without government we can’t raise our children?

    How about you stop finding new ways to spend our money and leave our kids to us.

  2. So Holcomb will sign off on their money grab for cigarette and gas taxes only if he gets his money grab for more nonsense…Call poor children preschool what it is! Unnecessary, expensive babysitting at tax payer expense. These children’s parents are the people that should be teaching the required knowledge a 2-3-4-5 year old need. How are we doing academically as a society with all this crap compared to 40 years ago. Far worse! Preschool is completely useless other than a social setting for these kids. Their parents should be doing this themselves if they want it. It is not the governments responsibility or place to raise our children. Poor or not! School for grades K-12 are an obvious record of government involvement and the horrible results from it. Stay out of our lives!!!!


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