Gasoline tax passes Indiana Senate, moves to House

("Gas Pump" by Mike Mozart, CC BY 2.0)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indiana Senate has approved an infrastructure funding plan with fee and tax increases that lawmakers say will go toward much-needed road and bridge repairs.

The Senate voted 34-13 to approve it Tuesday.

The measure likely will head next to a conference committee where differences with a House version can be ironed out.

Both versions include a $15 vehicle registration fee, a 10-cent gasoline tax increase and a provision giving the governor authority to seek interstate tolling.

Differences include the Senate’s proposed $5 fee on tires and fee increase on commercial vehicles. The House version moves all of the proceeds from the state’s sales tax on gasoline to roads and would fill the resulting hole in the budget with a higher cigarette tax.


  1. Holcomb is showing that he is a devout democrat! The money grab is in full swing. Good thing Hoosiers are all wealthy and have no problem giving Holcomb our money to squander away under the premise that our state is falling apart. Just a year ago Trump and Pence were touting how great Indiana was. A lot of bad things must have happened in a year. The worst thing that has happened in Indiana is Holcomb was elected.

    • Why are you blaming Holcomb, when it’s the republicans in the senate who are voting this crap into law? By the way, I’m not a liberal, I’m a Conservative Patriot!

  2. This all makes me sick! Especially if they pull the provision for using the tax increase for roads. Afterall, sn’t that the reason they sugar coated this in the first place, to make it more pallitable for us to swallow?!
    VOTE THEM OUT! WTG Brian Bosma! Then if they decided to make our interstates toll roads, that will just to it off. No one will want to live here. What business would want to located here? What business what’s to stay here. You legislators are all a bunch of lying idiots!


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