Deadline looming for Indiana lawmakers to strike budget deal


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana lawmakers set a Friday deadline to reach an agreement on the state’s next two-year budget and raising taxes to pay for improvements to the state’s crumbling infrastructure.

But with just days left in this year’s legislative session, the House and the Senate still appear far apart on some key tax provisions. That’s put some other pieces of Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb’s agenda in limbo.

Holcomb, the House, and the Senate still need to find agreement not just on how much, but also how to raise taxes.

House Republicans want to raise cigarette taxes, as well as gas taxes and vehicle related fees. But Holcomb and Senate Republicans oppose raising cigarette taxes.

The infrastructure plan is the top priority for the Republican majority.


  1. So what has changed? July 2016:Pence said on Saturday that Indiana has made “record investments” in roads, and Trump touted a report by CNBC that ranked the state as first in the nation in infrastructure.1. “We in Indiana have a 2 billion dollar surplus,” Pence said.
    August 2016 Pence said “Indiana has more than 2 billion in reserves, cash saved away for a rainy day”.
    Pence also said “Indiana has the highest credit rating in the nation, which is a AAA rating from Standard and Poor’s”.

    How did Indiana go from great to broke in such a short time? We didn’t! Just Democrat Holcomb and Indiana politicians going for an unnecessary money grab at our expense!
    They all need to be replaced before they can run us into the ground!!!


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