Elkhart County working on getting city water access to rural customers who need it

Dirty water fills up a toliet tub in rural Elkhart County (J. Tyler Klassen/Elkhart Truth)

There is an effort in Elkhart County to help people with hazardous well water gain access to city water.

The county’s Redevelopment Commission has been looking at the situation with the water in the Prairie Creek Run neighborhood, according to the Elkhart Truth.

Monday, their findings were presented to the City Council along with a recommendation that city water be offered to residents in unincorporated areas of the city where septic system waste has been seeping into well water.

Lilac Street in particular was singled out, with eight homes in serious need of access to city water. Dozens of other properties around Lilac are also being discussed.

The City Council says further discussion is necessary.


  1. Yum! City water! Chlorine, fluoride, whatever else they add or ignore is in the water…I’m sure that’s cheaper and an improvement over getting a whole house water filter installed…no really, I’m sure it is.

    Oh, wait, I get it…the city gets to expand its tendrils out to eventually absorb the areas it expands its water to. Now I get it. Building a water society, just like Rome. Expand the tax base.


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