Medical marijuana in Niles now a question of when and where, not if

("Medical Marijuana" by Chuck Coker, CC BY-ND 2.0)

Is medical marijuana coming to Niles soon?

The Niles City Council met Monday night, and discussed how and where the medical marijuana business will fit into the City of Four Flags, according to WNDU.

Mayor Nick Shelton is of the opinion that all five of the processes involved should have the chance to play out in the marketplace. Those would be growing, processing, secure shipping, provisioning centers, and safety compliance.

At the end of the meeting it seemed clear that the city is ready to take the next step, according to WNDU, and begin writing up an ordinance for each of the processes to move forward in Niles.

The big question coming out of Monday night’s meeting is just where will the dispensaries go? Some support having dispensaries downtown to attract interest in downtown businesses.¬†Opponents are still voicing concerns that such businesses will hurt the city’s appearance to visitors.


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