Peace and Maltese, South Bend’s peregrine falcon power couple, become parents of three

(Photo supplied/City of South Bend)

And then, there were three.

Three eggs belonging to South Bend’s resident peregrine falcon Maltese and her new lover Peace have hatched atop the County-City Building.

In the falcon cam video that’s following the circle of life for the rare falcons, Maltese can be seen feeding and protecting three little white chicks.

At one point Wednesday morning, another falcon comes in and relieves Maltese. This could be Peace, a 2-year-old peregrine falcon from Macomb County, Michigan that’s believed to be Maltese’s new lover. Maltese’s previous beau, Zeus, has not been seen for some time.

The chicks will call the top of the County-City Building home for the first month or so while Peace and Maltese teach their kids how to hunt and fly. Then, the chicks will be banded by Department of Natural Resources officials, then will fly away to make lives of their own.

Chicks that have grown up in South Bend have been spotted as close as Michigan City and as far away as Wisconsin and Ontario, according to the South Bend Tribune.



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