Goshen Community Schools board considering options to deal with overcrowding

"Back to School" by Phil Roeder, some rights reserved

The Goshen Community Schools Board is looking at a number of plans to deal with school overcrowding… and they’re not cheap.

Goshen Superintendent Diane Woodworth tells the Elkhart Truth a plan that includes creating an intermediate school and making other adjustments to each district building would cost about $64-million. The plan was pitched by the district’s Strategic Planning Steering Team earlier this week, after a two-year study aiming to meet an expected rise in attendance head-on.

There’s no question something needs to be done: Goshen Middle School has the fourth-largest middle school student population in the state at 1,500, making it bigger than some entire school districts.

No official decision has been made yet.


  1. What a great problem to have. In South Bend schools will be closed, combined…I wonder what the difference between Goshen and South Bend is?

    Way to go Goshen!


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