NIPSCO imposters making scam phone calls to customers

(Photo supplied/NIPSCO)

If you have received any questionable calls regarding your bills or payments, it may not be legitimate.

Marjorie Stephens, President and CEO of the Northern Indiana Better Business Bureau, says there are NIPSCO impostors making scam phone calls.

According to Stephens, callers pretended to be NIPSCO and phoned a woman at her apartment complex. They informed her all her utilities would be turned off at 1 p.m. that day if she didn’t pay immediately.

The woman receiving the call decided to hang up and check with NIPSCO herself, who informed her it was a scam.

The NIPSCO impostors called the woman again and threatened her about making her payments, which they demanded should be paid by credit card.

When the woman informed them she knew it was a scam, they hung up.

Stephens says if you’re ever unsure, it’s best to hang up and call the company back.


  1. Doesn’t NIPSCO do the same thing? That is what makes it hard for people to tell the criminals from the…other criminals.


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