St. Joseph County council plans vote on tax increase

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

The St. Joseph County Council plans a vote on increasing taxes.

It’s not the most popular idea, they admit, but council members feel it’s a necessary one. ABC 57 reports that it’s a response to downstate legislation that has hurt funding for critical county resources. And those expenses continue to rise.

St. Joseph County Auditor Michael Hamann says he applauds the county council for having the courage to pursue the necessary sacrifice.

The average homeowner with property valued at $100,000 would likely pay and additional $7 or $8 per year under the plan, and school districts would also see an increase in taxes.


  1. They will never, ever, say they’ve taken enough of your money to spend. Never, ever.

    If they were able to take it all they would and then complain it wasn’t enough.

  2. They feel it is necessary? What a retarded statement! I think it is necessary for the council members to eat a can of dirt. Get out of our pockets and stop misappropriating the ridiculous amount of money you already take from us! “We feel it is necessary”…OMG!!! I feel it is necessary that I pay no property tax. I certainly pay more than most in South Bend. $3,900.00 per year. In South Bend! They really need more don’t they. How do we get these morons out of their positions in our government?

  3. Well, the real answer is to get people who will do the right thing elected in the primaries to run for office. Then support them in the general election. Nothing else will matter to these entrenched bureaucrats.


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