No Asian carp found in two southwestern Michigan rivers connected to Lake Michigan


LANSING, Mich. (AP) — State officials are reporting that environmental DNA samples from two rivers in southwestern Michigan show no signs of Asian carp.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says Friday that none of the 260 samples collected May 1 from the St. Joseph and Kalamazoo rivers indicate the presence of genetic material for silver or bighead carp.

Officials say concern over the invasive fish is high in Michigan following the June 22 capture of a live silver carp in a Chicago-area waterway. It was caught about 9 miles (14 kilometers) from Lake Michigan and beyond an electric barrier system designed to keep Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes.

The fish have voracious appetites for plankton — tiny plants and animals on which nearly all fish depend at some point in life.


  1. DNR vs. Asian Carp? Sounds racist to me. I think we should let the Asian Carp take over Lake Michigan and pay for anything they need and a lot they don’t need at the same time. That is the American (liberal left) way after all!

  2. Who are we to deny the Asian Carp? Why are we denying the Asian Carp? It is not humane to deny them! They have every right to live the American way! So what if American Carp dwindle and the standard of living is way lower in lake Michigan. Do you know what they had to go through to get here? It is their dream to be American. The fish in lake Michigan live to well anyway. So what if they change the culture of the lake to suit themselves. It is not fair to the fish around the world to expect them to come here and be American fish! We should pay for boats to go to Asia and bring them here by the millions. They should also be allowed to get all American benefits and vote too! This is an outrage! Our President must be Anti-Asian Carp! He should be impeached immediately!


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