Former South Bend resident accused of cashing in $1.3 million in illegal tax refunds


A former tax preparer in South Bend has been arrested for allegedly filing ohony tax returns that netted him over $1.3 million in refunds.

ABC 57 reports Federico Avendano was indicted in August 2015, but it took almost two years for him to end up in St. Joseph County Jail.

That’s because, after spending over 10 years filing tax returns in South Bend, he moved to Venezuela in 2009, where authorities say he filed the phony returns until 2013.

He allegedly used the names and social security numbers of fraudulent returns, along with fake W2s, addresses, and identification.

He’s charged with six counts of wire fraud and six counts of aggravated identity theft.


  1. The IRS…able to track down the faintest scent of a tax paying law abiding TEA party member anywhere, unable to sniff the stench of fraud for a decade.

    He only stole a million dollars from US taxpayers after all, he didn’t advocate for lower taxes or disagree with the politics of a chief misadministrator. Welcome to the tyranny of the bureaucracies.


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