Delphi murder investigators find DNA from girls’ killer

(Photo supplied/Indiana State Police)

Police investigating the murders of two teen girls from Delphi have found DNA supposedly belonging to the girls’ killer.

It’s been six months since Abby Williams and Libby German were murdered while walking on a hiking trail near Delphi, and now the Indiana State Police says they not only have more audio of the killer’s voice, recovered from Libby’s cell phone, but also DNA evidence that they believe belongs to the killer.

Here’s already-released audio of him telling the girls to go down a nearby hill, where their bodies were later discovered. Police aren’t yet releasing the additional audio, nor are they saying yet what kind of DNA evidence they have.

Police tell the Indy Star they’re getting “close” to identifying the man, whose photo you can find above, alongside an updated composite sketch. A reward is being offered for his capture.


    • THIS is why everyone should pay attention to their kids and be prepared to defend themselves and their families!

      More government over reach is not the answer, any more than having government manage our health care was going to somehow make that better.

      DNA on file is one further step away from defending the innocent than having them dial 911 which would still have left these poor girls stuffed under a bridge.

  1. Police did NOT say they had the killer’s DNA. They said they had collected DNA but absolutely nothing was said in the context of this article. Irresponsible journalism – fake news.


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