LaGrange County animal sanctuary targeted by PETA for alleged animal abuse

(Photo supplied/PETA)

An animal sanctuary in LaGrange County is facing complaints from PETA.

The animal rights group says multiple animals at the Maple Lane Wildlife Farm in Topeka are suffering, and they released photos and videos to back up their claims. Those include video of tigers with “undeveloped muscles” and a bear in “chronic pain,” they say.

The Goshen News reports that PETA is asking the US Department of Agriculture to take action against the farm’s owner for violating the federal Animal Welfare Act. The owner says the farm is in compliance with state and federal regulations.

We have the video below.


  1. PETA, generating the latest outrage of the week so they can fund raise off of it…all the time killing the animals in their shelters.

    If anyone is deluded into thinking they would save these animals from whatever fate they’ve generated for them today they are fools. Once they have ‘won’ these animals will lose.


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