Residents near LaSalle Park get good news about hazardous waste cleanup

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

Residents living near LaSalle Park got some good news about hazardous materials that used to be dumped on that site.

The Environmental Protection Agency informed residents this week that the agency, Honeywell, and the City of South Bend‘s work on removing hazardous materials dumped in the 1950s appears to have worked, as initial reports say the soil is clear of contamination.

While this will satisfy park-goers, the South Bend Tribune reports EPA officials also told neighbors around the site that they will turn their attention to residential areas to test soil and remove hazardous materials if necessary.

The EPA is sending out access agreements this week to homeowners in the area, who have until October 5 to return the paperwork. Initial results will then be given within 90 days.


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