Mishawaka High School students without internet at home are receiving internet-enabled devices


A vital educational tool became free, starting Wednesday morning, for hundreds of students in Mishawaka.

Chances are you don’t give much thought about having access to the internet whenever you want it. But for some students at Mishawaka High School, their efforts to do their homework online suffer from low bandwidth…or possibly NO bandwidth.

The South Bend Tribune reports that School City of Mishawaka is teaming up with Sprint, and giving about 550 qualifying students free smartphones or WiFi devices.

It’s part of Sprint’s “1 Million Project,” which aims to provide the internet to students in order to boost homework completion rates and GPA. The phones are provided with filtering software for safety purposes.


  1. How did students complete homework before the internet? They used the school library or went to the public library. What a waste of money! Giving smart phones to students that will use them for everything but homework…We probably need to provide a car to every student that doesn’t have one. I mean seriously, it must be very hard for them to get to school. I am so glad we are not a socialist society…


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