Two arrests made after Friday night shooting in South Bend


A shooting on Friday night in South Bend has resulted in two arrests, one of them being the victim, himself.

Police were sent to the 1200 Wilber Street where residents told them there was a fight in the nearby park shortly before the shooting took place, according to a news release from the South Bend Police Department.

Neighbors told police a vehicle with two occupants pulled up and fired shots, the news release stated.

Officers were also told one of those involved was at a home in the 700 block of Johnson. That’s where they found Jared Denham, 21, with a gunshot wound to the leg. He was arrested on preliminary charges of criminal recklessness, felon in possession of a handgun and possession of a handgun without a permit.

Brandon Shields, 18, was arrested on preliminary charges of aiding a criminal and possessing a handgun without a permit, the news release stated.


  1. Just goes to show you that a lot of ‘gun violence’ is really criminal violence committed by and between people involved in criminal activity.


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