“Miracle soil” from Niles being shipped to help Haiti

("Peppers planted at SOIL's experimental farm in Pernier, Port-au-Prince, Haiti" by SuSanA Secretariat, CC BY 2.0)

A special soil that’s been dubbed a “miracle soil” is being shipped to Haiti.

Vital Blend is a soil that’s mixed in Niles by Mark and Laurie Mann, who have worked on the mix for years.

They told WSBT that they have created a lot of food very quickly with the soil mixture, and now they’re hoping that it can make a difference in areas of the world that are having problems we don’t encounter in the US. Haiti has been struggling for years after natural disasters.

About 8,000 pounds of the soil will be sent in December, which the Manns believe can grow up to 2,500 plants. They’re also planning to look into other parts of the world that can benefit from the soil.


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