LaCav Community School Corporation turns out to be brainchild of seventh grader


The Indiana Department of Education recently granted a request to register the LaCav Community School Corporation to it’s superintendent, Leo Cavinder.

There’s just one problem…there are no students at LaCav. Actually there’s a second problem…Leo Cavinder is a seventh grader in LaPorte.

WSBT reports that the Department DID grant LaCav a non-public school number, but it was quickly revoked when they realized there was no actual school. The state is quick to point out that no funding ever changed hands, and the number does nothing on its own…but Cavinder was able to get his false school on the official closings list last week.

The Department of Education says this is the first instance of this that they’ve ever experienced. The false school is something Cavinder has been working on since he was in the first grade, and he has even met with officials in Indianapolis as part of his project.

While you can, check out the “district” WikiPedia page here.


  1. Just to be clear, he went to the Indianapolis Statehouse as a page by invitation from State Rep. Jim Pressel. Rep Pressel has been very impressed with this young man’s writings and knowledge of educational policies in Indiana. While there State Senator Mike Bohacek asked to meet him as he also has become impressed with this young man. The visit to Indianapolis and his meetings with lawmakers has nothing to with “his project”.


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