Goshen College set for campus solar energy project


GOSHEN, Ind. (AP) — Goshen College is planning to install more than 900 electricity-generating solar panels on its campus.

Goshen College says the solar panels will be placed atop the school’s Rec-Fitness Center. The 900-student college says it is undertaking the project with the College Mennonite Church, with which it shares the Church-Chapel building on campus.

Church member David Lapp Jost says the renewable energy project is a testament to the college’s values of environmental sustainability and stewardship. Planners anticipate the project’s power production will offset the chapel building’s electric bill

School officials expect the 924-panel solar array will be installed by the end of March.


  1. Given the amount of sunshine we see I’m guessing this is going to have been a colossal waste of student and government money.


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