Bremen Highway buckles in Mishawaka…again

Bremen Highway in Mishawaka when it buckled in 2017. (Photo supplied/ABC 57)

The road repair schedule for Bremen Highway has been moved up, and will impact your plans for the rest of the week.

St. Joseph County had intended to fix some of the pavement issues after the end of the school year, but this past Saturday the road buckled along the stretch north of the bypass, between Dragoon and Ireland.

So the road will be closed for repairs Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

It’s the seventh time the road has buckled along that stretch in the past three years.


  1. So who is the engineer that screwed this road up? Will it ever be fixed correctly? Is the engineer that screwed it up still the engineer in charge of fixing it? Probably not enough money to fix it correctly so a new tax is in order! Maybe we should just go back to dirt roads in the county…

  2. Heat? really??? Why is this the only road that heat affects then? They will never tell the truth about what is wrong with this road because it is there own screw up. Probably misappropriated the money and went super low budget in the first place.


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