South Bend’s newest peregrine falcon chicks get metal bands

(Photo supplied/City of South Bend)

South Bend’s four peregrine falcon chicks that nest atop the County-City Building are doing well.

Wednesday was the day that they got their metal ankle bands…amidst their loud protests and their parents swooping low to try and scare the humans.

The bands are used to track the birds as they enter the wild and travel. The bands helped the Indiana Department of Natural Resources track their parents: Maltese, who has called South Bend home for a few years now, and Peace, who became Maltese’s new lover last year and originally hails from Macomb County, Michigan north of Detroit.

The South Bend Tribune reports that there are three males and a female in this year’s brood. The birds will start learning to fly this week.

South Bend has set up a live webcam where you can check in on the chicks.


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