Sexual assault training proposed for South Bend city staff

South Bend councilman Oliver Davis (Photo supplied/ABC 57)

A new bill proposed in South Bend’s City Council would require sexual assualt training for city staff.

This ordinance, if passed, would affect all employees, interns and elected officials.

The South Bend Tribune reports that the training would be ongoing, renewed every two years. City Council Vice President Oliver Davis says he was inspired to pursue the ordinance by a similar bill that passed recently in the Indiana General Assembly.

A public hearing and vote on the bill is expected to be held later this month.


  1. What has it come too when this is a good idea? What a waste of time ,energy and money. Why are people getting dumber rather than smarter? When will the training be held to learn the proper way to speak to an illegal that speaks no English? After all, this is about not offending anyone in anyway for any reason at any time ever…Right? Pure crap! It also figures that it is something that Oliver Davis would be pushing.


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