Benton Harbor school board votes to pursue legal action against Uzelac

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

Benton Harbor School board members have voted to pursue legal action against former football coach Elliot Uzelac for statements made to the media that “have caused irreparable harm to individual board members and school employees.”

Uzelac’s comments about the district’s grades was the topic of discussion during a special school board meeting earlier this week. During the meeting, the school board expressed their displeasure that Uzelac revealed that information.

Interim superintendent Pamela Robertson denied Uzelac’s claims that ther were over 1,100 “F” grades in the district.

Along with Uzelac, the board plans to pursue legal action against former superintendent Shelly Walker.


  1. It’s much easier to sue people whose comments you don’t like than to fix that sad excuse of a school system. Once again, the alleged adults in charge are not putting the needs of the students first.


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