Census notes Asian, Hispanic population growth in Michigan


DETROIT (AP) — U.S. Census Bureau population estimates show that the Asian and Hispanic populations grew faster in Michigan than nationwide last year.

The Detroit News reports the numbers released Thursday show that Michigan’s Hispanic population surpassed half a million for the first time, reaching 504,857 as of July 2017. The estimates show the number of white and black residents edging lower.

Kurt Metzger, a demographer and director emeritus of Data Driven Detroit, tells The Detroit News: “The future of Michigan is Asian and Latino.” He says that as the white, non-Hispanic population drops “Michigan’s growth is going to be contingent on national immigration policy.”

Wayne County, which includes Detroit, saw the state’s largest increase in Hispanic residents. Oakland County, which includes Detroit suburbs, saw the biggest increase in Asian residents.


  1. Why would Hispanics want to move to the Detroit area when they have the worst unemployment in America? Because Detroit has the worst unemployment in America? Yeah! free government money and benefits for all the unemployed so it is a no brainer why they are moving there. America is so screwed!


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