Atheists promote ‘faithless’ in South Bend public building


Some atheists are promoting their lack of faith during the holiday season.

A sign posted in the County-City Building in South Bend says, “Oh come all ye faithless.” It’s sponsored by a group called the Northern Indiana Atheists.

The group’s president, Troy Moss, tells the South Bend Tribune that the display went up Friday, a few days ahead of Hanukkah. The group says government should be neutral on religious matters but government buildings often allow Christmas religious displays.

The group says it sought approval from St. Joseph County for its sign. No objections were raised after an attorney in August asked for an image. The group plans to add the Bill of Rights and the Statue of Liberty.


  1. South Bend needs to realize that Atheism is a religion. It takes more faith to believe all of creation was an accident that spontaneously appeared than it does to believe in a higher power.


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