Former staffer: National Weather Service employees among those unpaid during shutdown


Forecasters at the National Weather Service of Northern Indiana aren’t getting a paycheck for now.

The Times-Union reports meteorologists would not comment on how the partial government shutdown was affecting the agency, but a former staffer confirms the nearly two dozen employees there are deemed essential and are working without getting paid.

The National Weather Service is still issuing a range of advisories, forecasts, and updates. Still, some outreach programs, such as planning for spotter training, will likely not happen during the shutdown.


  1. This department should go away permanently along with many other federal government departments. There are 3,600 federal employees in this department for what? telling us a storm is coming…What a waste of our tax dollars.

  2. It does seem that many of the missions of these agencies have been overcome by events. With the many commercial weather services they seem to only be serving the purpose of fabricating temperature maps to support a political agenda.


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