Notre Dame birth control debate discussed in federal court

("Notre Dame - 28" by Garden State Hiker, CC BY 2.0)

A campus group at the University of Notre Dame is fighting back against the school’s birth control policy.

Monday, there were oral arguments scheduled in federal court about the birth control coverage policy. Last summer the school changed its coverage plans for students and employees to not cover contraceptives, citing religious or moral reasons.

The group Irish 4 Reproductive Health alleges the University is illegally taking away “copay-free” birth control for staff and students and staff, and says the University’s decision amounts to sex discrimination. That’s against federal law.


  1. It costs $69,000 and change to attend ND/year. I would think at that rate mommy and daddy could pay for your birth control. It would be less than season foot ball tickets. Or your weekly trip to the local pub.


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