New Kosciusko wheel tax being considered


If it’s approved, vehicles in Kosciusko County could be subjected to a new tax to help with a $400,000 shortfall for road upkeep.

The Wheel Tax Committee is proposing an increase from 25%-35% for most vehicles, and 60% for semis, beginning in 2020.

WSBT reports the tax bump is in response to the increase in material and labor costs involved in fixing the roads.

The County Council held a public meeting recently to get community input, and another meeting to address the possible increase will be held on July 11.


  1. What good is the wheel tax? La Porte has it and the streets still look horrible! All I see La Porte doing is laying down new sidewalks, where the rest of the money is going I don’t know. Protest this, it’s not working here.


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