Property tax mail scam reported in Berrien County


There’s a mail scam making the rounds in Berrien County.

Berrien County Treasurer Bret Witkowski says a letter, timed by scammers to coincide with the county’s land auction, is causing concern.

The letter tells people they will lose their homes if they don’t pay their property taxes.

The treasurer says there are about 6000 properties with past-due taxes in the county, about one out of every ten properties.

His office is concerned that those people will make the payments quickly, thinking the letter is legitimate, and lose the money.

He says the county would never send a demand letter, and if you get one you should contact the police, and not pay.

The letter claims to come from the “Berrien County Office of Levy’s and Liens,” which doesn’t exist. It also references an 866 number, which the county would never use for official business.


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