New poll reveals America’s favorite Halloween candy

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A new poll reveals the country’s favorite Halloween candy.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups lap the field when it comes to the favorite Halloween treat for Americans, according to the Monmouth Poll.

More than 35% chose Reese’s Cups, compared to 18% who chose Snickers, and 11% who chose M&M’s.

Candy corn was the favorite among 6% percent of respondents, equal to Hershey bars, and edging out Skittles.

When it comes to Halloween 1 in 10 Americans say it’s their favorite holiday.

Of the following choices, which is your favorite candy for Halloween?

Candy corn 6%
Skittles 5%
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 36%
Snickers 18%
M&M’s 11%
Starburst 4%
Tootsie Pops 2%
Plain Hershey bars 6%
Other/none of these 6%
Do not eat candy 4%
Don’t know 2%

Would you say Halloween is your most favorite holiday of the year, one of your favorite holidays, or not a favorite holiday?

Most favorite holiday 8%
One of your favorite holidays 37%
Not a favorite holiday 53%
Don’t know 2%

Click here for complete poll results


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