Man Forces His Way Into Wrong Home Looking for His Children

Tyshawn Knightes/ ABC 57

Authorities in St. Joseph County arrested a man that forced his way into a home looking for his children, but there was a problem it was the wrong house. Tyshawn Knightes is now behind bars on a slew of charges for the November 1st incident.

A release from police says that the homeowners woke up to find Knightes outside their home, throwing their trans cans into the road, and when they tried to help he forced his way inside and demanded to see his children and even threatened to shoot the residents.

At one point he did punch one of the residents, and when police arrived they say he did not cooperate, and threatened to harm the officer that took him to the jail.

He did have pain killers on his person when they searched him. He was also carrying a handgun when he broke into the home.


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