95.3 MNC’s annual radiothon for St. Margaret’s House set for Thursday-Friday


The annual radiothon for St. Margaret’s House takes place on Thursday, Nov. 21 and Friday, Nov. 22 on 95.3 MNC.

St. Margaret’s House is a day center at 117 N. Lafayette Blvd. in South Bend that welcomes women who live in economic poverty.

With the help of dozens of volunteers, the leaders of St. Margaret’s House provide meals, address immediate needs, and help women acquire skills through programs, such as Bridges Out Of Poverty, Steps For Success and Parenting.

They provide a community of support and help the women who come to St. Margaret’s House take concrete steps forward to a better life.

This year, 95.3 MNC’s Casey Hendrickson will host the entire radiothon, from early morning to late afternoon on both days.

To donate, call (574) 406-6797 between 5 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Thursday and Friday. Donations are also being taken online at the St. Margaret’s House website.

Check out more pictures from inside the walls of St. Margaret’s House



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