Police Looking for Missing Woman in Benton Township


Benton Township police have identified a potential victim and a person of interest in an incident that happened on Monday morning.

Police were initially called by a family member of 30 year old Jessica Gray after they arrived at a residence and found blood, shell casings, and live ammunition. What may have happened is unknown but she may be in extreme danger and in need of medical care.

The person of interest is 38 year old Willie Lark Jr. As of now Gray is considered a missing person.

Below is the full released from Benton Township Police

On Monday 12-2-2019 at approximately 0115 hours, Officers of the Benton Township Police Department were dispatched to 308 1/2 S. Crystal, Benton Harbor in regards to a welfare check of the resident, Willie Lark Jr. Benton Township Police arrived on scene, making contact with a family member of Willie Lark. The family member informed Police they had arrived to 308 1/2 S. Crystal, locating the front door open and suspected blood in the doorway. Officers upon further investigation located live ammunition and spent shell casings in the residence. Willie Lark Jr. was not on scene and has not been located. The residence of 308 1/2 S. Crystal was processed as a crime scene by Benton Township Police Evidence Technicians.

The Benton Township Police Department was contacted by family of Jessica Gray, who had received information Jessica had been at 308 1/2 S. Crystal on 12-2-2019 and may have been shot. Jessica Gray has not been seen since approximately 2000 hours 12-1-2019 and is currently reported as a missing person, who is potentially endangered and in need of medical attention.

Willie Lark Jr. and Jessica Gray have not been located. The Benton Township Police Department is asking anyone with information to contact the Benton Township Police Department Detective Bureau (269) 925-1135 or Crime Stoppers (574) 288-STOP.


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