I&M Power customers being targeted in scam

(Photo supplied/Indiana-Michigan Power)

A scam targeting Indiana Michigan Power customers is being reported.

Wednesday the utility announced that scammers impersonating I&M representatives are making calls and fooling customers into believing they have to make immediate payments. Some of the calls are using phone numbers that appear to be authentic.

I&M says they NEVER make phone calls demanding immediate payment. Nor does I&M disconnect service without prior written warning.

Anyone receiving such calls should hang up and call I&M’s Customer Operations Center at 800-311-4634 to report the scam. Customers can learn the status of their bill by calling the Customer Operations Center or by using I&M’s mobile application.

The Better Business Bureau has recommended in the past that when you have a question about any bill that demands an immediate payment over the phone, you should hang up and place a call to a trusted number for that service to be sure.

Similar scams are common nationwide.


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