60-day law license suspension suggested for Indiana Attorney General


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A 60-day law license suspension is being recommended for Indiana’s attorney general after allegations that he grabbed the buttocks of a female state legislator and inappropriately touched three other women during a party.

The recommendation filed Friday with the state Supreme Court puts Republican Attorney General Curtis Hill’s ability to remain as state government’s top lawyer in jeopardy as he must have a law license to hold the position.

It wasn’t immediately clear how a temporary suspension would affect his status.

Former state Supreme Court Justice Myra Selby proposed the punishment in a report to the court, which will make the final decision.

The attorneys who represent the four women in their claims for sexual \harassment, retaliation and batter against Hill and the State of Indiana have issued the following statement in response to requests for comment about Justice Selby’s recommendation:

When the Indiana Disciplinary Commission held its hearing about the professional misconduct related to Attorney General Hill’s sexual harassment, battery, and intimidation, our clients State Representative Mara Candelaria Reardon, Gabrielle McLemore Brock, Niki DaSilva and Samantha Lozano testified as witnesses. They were incredibly brave, and we are proud to represent each of them.

Because our clients did not initiate a grievance, the Disciplinary Commission’s complaint was not in response to any action they took. However, we were pleased that Hill’s improper conduct was taken seriously. We respect the report by Hearing Officer Selby, a former Indiana Supreme Court Justice, who recommended a 60-day suspension of Hill’s Indiana  license to practice law without automatic reinstatement. We found Selby’s 36-page report thoughtful, well-reasoned and consistent with the evidence presented and Indiana law. Just as the Special Prosecutor and Inspector General explicitly recognized, our clients’ credibility has been confirmed yet again and corroborated by a multitude of witnesses called by both the Indiana Disciplinary Commission and Attorney General Hill’s defense. 

We hope, at a minimum, the Indiana Supreme Court adopts this suggested discipline. Hill’s ethics as the state’s highest legal officer affect us all. We’ll continue to move forward with the civil lawsuit against Curtis Hill and the State of Indiana.



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