Cases of coronavirus popping up in St. Joseph County

A laboratory technician prepares COVID-19 patient samples for semi-automatic testing at Northwell Health Labs, Wednesday, March 11, 2020, in Lake Success, N.Y. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved faster testing protocols as the viral outbreak continues to spread worldwide. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

The numbers will be updated at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, March 25. But as of early Wednesday morning,  there are 18 cases of coronavirus in St. Joseph County. Health leaders say several of those who’ve tested positive have recovered.

Statewide, there are 365 confirmed cases with 12 reported deaths. In Michigan, there are nearly 1,800 cases. At least 8 of them are in Berrien County.

A member of the Walt Disney Elementary School community has tested positive. The person is believed to have been exposed back on March 10 and was at the school March 11-13. The patient has just mild symptoms and is at home in self-isolation.

A City of South Bend employee who works in the County-City Building has tested positive for COVID-19. The worker has been directed to self-isolate at home. City leaders are taking appropriate steps to notify and quarantine others who may have been in contact with the individual.

Top Indiana officials are warning that the state’s rapid jump in coronavirus illnesses is just the beginning and that obeying a new stay-at-home order is necessary.

The order from Gov. Eric Holcomb takes effect Wednesday and comes the confirmed number of COVID-19 cases in Indiana grew to 365 on Tuesday, more than 12 times what state health officials reported a week earlier.

State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box says the state is in “the very early parts of this outbreak.” Holcomb urged all residents to take seriously the stay-at-home order that runs at least through April 6.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


  1. As more test kits are made and people are tested, we’ll learn how many have been infected. The symptoms of this virus are the same or similar to the one that we already had in December and January this winter.
    The truly unique measures taken by government’s around the world may bring actual cure(s) for the annual illnesses we all face. The use of the cocktail drugs for malaria, Z Pack and zinc sulfate, I think that’s the Airborne over the counter cold and flu med, appear to work on this virus.
    I heard that Bayer donated 30,000,000 doses of the malaria drug to our government. Other manufacturers are doing similar to help stop the spread of this very contagious bug and save people very ill with it. For all the companies, businesses, and organizations giving PPEs, medications, and other vital things to help defeat this, Thank You all and may God bless you.
    Stay safe and help your elderly neighborhood when needed.


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